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Some problems can be fixed by simply restarting your machine. If doing so does not resolve your problem check these steps.


Problem Checklist


Log On not working.  Things to check:

1.  Is the username correct?

2.  Is your password spelled correctly?

3.  Is your network cable plugged into the back of your computer

4.  Is the CABLE plugged into the wall outlet?


Mouse not working. Things to check: 

1. Is the mouse plugged in and properly seated?

2. Does the pointer follow your mouse movements?

3. Restart the machine and see if the mose is working now.


Keyboard not working. Things to check: 

1. Is the keyboard plugged in and properly seated?

2. Are there any lights on the keyboard (ex. Caps Lock, Scroll lock, Num Lock)?


If you can not use your phone. Things to check:

1. Is the network cable plugged in?

2. Are there any lights on?

3. If there are lights, does the screen have any messages?

4. If you have a power injector. Is the power injector plugged in along with both the 2 data cables?

5. Lastly, check if uplugging your phone and plugging it back in solves your problem.


Nothing happens when power is turned on.  Things to check:

1.  Is the machine PLUGGED IN?

2.  Is the power on the machine set to the on position?

3.  Is the surge protector on?

4.  Is the power strip plugged into the wall outlet?

5.  Can you hear the fan running?


No video on the screen.  Things to check:

1.  Is the monitor turned on?

2.  Is the monitor plugged into the power source?

3.  Is the monitor plugged into the computer?


Printer will not print.  Things to check:

1.  Is the printer turned on?

2.  Is the printer plugged in?

3.  Is the printer online?

4.  Are there any printer error messages?

5.  Is there a paper jam?

6.  Is the ink cartridge empty?

7.  Is the correct printer selected?


No sound.  Things to check:

1.  Are the speakers plugged into the computer?

2.  Are the speaker plugged into the power strip?

3.  Is the speaker cable plugged into the right slot on the computer?


MOST IMPORTANT   if  these steps do not resolve your problem.




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